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Financial Analyst, Financial Consultant, Banker, Developer.

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If you are a person of good credibility, have good connections in your country and sure that you can get the job done join us and our practices (e.g. Iseetrust – Iseetrade, Operations) around the world to work in teams and directly with our  (your ) clients.

When you join Iseetrust as a Business Analyst (BA), you are joining a firm that will challenge you and invest in your professional development. In this role, you will work on the best teams to help the best organizations in the world – in private, public, and social sectors – solve their most difficult problems. You will also work with many experts complimenting your expertise area to possibly help solve some of the main infrastructure problems of your country.


  • Ability and Proof that infrastructure connections available
  • Undergraduate or master’s degree or have 2 – 4 years of work experience in the chosen field.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for analytics
  • Exceptional analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills
  • Proven record of leadership in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively – both verbally and in writing – in English and the local office language(s)

Please List Positions that may just do the job as our associate in your country.

Strategy Associate

Your Country

Business Strategy Analyst

Your Country

Ex Government Infrastructure officer.

Your Country


Your Country


Your Country

Arctic Strategy Planner

Your Country

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