Wanted Live Cattle

Need offer of Live Cattles to be exported to Turkey On CIF basis working with  LC. and possible FOB on board.

From South American Countries only and in order of preferences as follow: Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil.

Need offers for Slaughter Cattles 450-650 kg under 24 months of age, to start with 10.000 heads.

Need Offers for Feeder Cattles  160-260 kg under 12 months of age, to start 20.000 heads.

Offers must contain Price, shipping method, timing including the time for quarantine CIF price and FOB on board of a vessel.

we must have both prices CIF and FOB, what will be the ultimate number of deliveries per year under contract.

Please include in your offer the race of the Cattle and Male and female, how do you provide the passport of the cattle etc..

Full details, please.

thank you

please use our contact form: https://iseetrust.com/contact-us/

thank you



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