Rules of Engagement for our Associates.


Notice to our valuable clients:

Please take notice before signing any agreements with our company, we at Iseetrust – Iseetrade have not authorized any of our business associates to sign any agreements on our behalf.

Only acceptable agreements are those signed by the Chief Legal Officer and That of our C.E.O with the company seal.

No other person is entitled to sign documents on our behalf, should you receive a document that is not signed by our authorized signatories you must immediately notify us, or you may consider the agreement null and void and whatever the agreement is for.

Role of our associates, directors or regardless of their title is:

Prepare the client, present the right documents to the client only after informing us and receiving the correct documentation, initial consultation of terms of the agreement.

Once the client is ready to enter into the agreement with our firm at this point we must be notified and have direct contact with the client for a possible meeting and signing the agreements.

Our associates regardless of their title are not allowed to receive any compensation, checks, cash, or any value from the would-be client under the pretense that they can receive the initial investment for the company.

Receiving initial investment from the client is reserved only for the Chief Legal Officer and the CEO of Iseetrust – Iseetrade.

This notice is effective immediately if any agreements are out there that are signed by any associate, director or under any title shall be null and void as of January/01/2013 on forward to date and further dates, years unless otherwise notified by Iseetrust – Iseetrade.