Declaration of Political Neutrality

Declaration of political neutrality

No political affiliations

Iseetrust – Iseetrade is dedicated to carrying out legitimate and fair funding processes and consultations Iseetrust – Iseetrade does not maintain political affiliation of any kind. Our goal is to be the world-wide reference in secure funding and we focus only on creating a solution to facilitate it.

Impartiality of partners

To maintain the impartiality of the funding processes in which we participate, the partners, associates, directors of Iseetrust – Iseetrade have voluntarily signed a commitment of political neutrality, which obliges us not to issue any political manifestation publicly, on behalf of the company, In the exercise of our functions, or in a private capacity, any member of our organization acts against this policy shall be dismissed.

Neither donations nor contributions

The corporate policy of Iseetrust – Iseetrade prohibits the company from making any donation or direct or indirect financial contribution to political parties, candidates, or political organizations of any kind.

Iseetrust – Iseetrade Corporate Code of Conduct.


We must:

  • treat everyone fairly and with respect
  • be professional
  • work to make government services accessible and effective
  • strive to make a difference to the well-being of any country we work with and all its people


We must:

  • maintain the political neutrality required to enable us to work with current and future governments
  • carry out our corporate functions, unaffected by our personal beliefs
  • support Iseetrust – Iseetrade to provide robust and unbiased advice
  • respect the authority of the government of the day.


We must:

  • act lawfully and objectively
  • use our organization’s resources carefully and only for intended purposes
  • treat information with care and use it only for proper purposes
  • work to improve the performance and efficiency of our organization.


We must:

  • be honest
  • work to the best of our abilities
  • ensure our actions are not affected by our personal interests or relationships
  • never misuse our position for personal gain
  • decline gifts or benefits that place us under any obligation or perceived influence
  • avoid any activities, work or non-work, that may harm the reputation of our organization or of the Services.
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